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Submit the form and we will contact you to schedule your WordPress 5.5 update.

Step 2

We start by creating a backup of your entire site. This is included in the free site recovery.

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We start the WordPress 5.5 update as scheduled with you.

Step 4

If a bug or error occurs we will fix one free of charge and keep an open channel of communication during the whole process.

Why Upgrade to WordPress 5.5


WordPress Upgrades include updated security enhancements which prevents your site from being exploited.

Bug Fixes

The WordPress Core Upgrade includes bug fixes and corrections. Resulting in reduced issues related to bugs.


With a bug reduction your website speed should increase including a better user experience.

New Features

Every new WordPress Core Upgrade includes new features to improve user experience and when needed, functionality.

Benefits of using us

We pride ourselves on our excellent service delivery

Free Site Recovery

A free site recovery point is created with the Free WordPress Upgrade​.

Free Bug Fix

We know everything does not always go according to plan. That's why we include a free credit for one bug fix.


Our expert team of WordPress developers facilitate the upgrade to ensure a smooth transition.

Safe and Secure

We use LastPass to keep your logins safe and hidden for your protection and security.

What our customers say

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Terms and Conditions

for Free WordPress 5.5 Upgrade

  • Only one website per individual and/or company.
  • This promo is only valid for WordPress sites.
  • This promo includes one free bug or error fix. No discount code or credit needed.
  • The site recovery/backup will be created before the update is done at not cost to you.
  • This promo is only valid for upgrading to the latest version of the WordPress core.
  • E-commerce store WordPress Upgrades are subject to the purchase of a subscription.
  • A free site recovery point is created with the Free WordPress Upgrade – Your database and files are backed up and can be used to restore your site in case of anything going wrong.
  • In the event that there are any problems with your backup, you may be required to purchase a subscription. We will maintain communication with you during the whole process.
  • If any errors or complications arise we will communicate with you on your options. A quote for correcting the errors will be provided or the option of reverting back to the previous version free of charge.
  • EZTaskr will not be held liable to you or any third party for any claims or damages arising out of any downtime and/or loss of income and/or sales due to errors resulting from the Free WordPress Upgrade.
  • Errors may occur and may result in downtime and/or loss of sales. We advise you to purchase a subscription to have the smoothest transition resulting in a reduction of downtime and/or loss of sales.
  • View our full Terms of Service here.
  • View our Privacy Policy here.
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