How to install and activate a WordPress theme

When you install WordPress, the first thing you usually do is choose a theme. You might have a look at the WordPress catalog for a free theme or you might purchase a theme from a third party site. Whatever theme you choose, you still need to install it and activate it. 


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Install and Activate your WordPress Theme

  1. Login to your WordPress site and navigate to the backend.
WordPress login screen
  1. Hover over Appearances and click on Themes in the menu that appears.
  1. Click on the Add New button.
  1. Search for a WordPress theme such as Astra, or click on the Upload Theme button if you have your theme in Zip format.
  2. You can Preview your WordPress theme before you install it.
Preview before installing wordpress theme
  1. Once you have selected your theme or uploaded it you can click the Install Now or Install button.
  2. Once your WordPress theme has been installed click the Activate button.
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