For 2024 we are launching a full turn key WordPress website package.
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Frequently Asked Question!


At EZTaskr we value our clients and strive to provide quality development. To reduce the time you spend on maintenance and increase our client’s peace of mind. Another top priority is security. We have measures in place to keep our client’s information safe and secure. That’s why you should choose EZTaskr to help with your project or maintenance.

Maintenance doesn’t require custom coding but rather focuses on maintaining the features your website already has. Custom development is the creation or improvement of functions that you wish to have on your website.

No. You can cancel at any time as this is a subscription service. Meaning it runs month to month.

No, but if you submit a ticket we will always get back to you within 24 hours and most of the time, a lot sooner.

Manage your subscription directly from your dashboard. No need to call or email. If you require assistance you can contact using our Contact Form.

It’s very simple. Send us an email with the information of what package you are on and what you would like to add or upgrade to and we will happily assist.

Maintenance packages cover basic services to maintain your website health. Custom development allows for the expansion or creation of your ideas for your website.

A health check identifies errors and gaps in your website infrastructure. Giving you information that identifies areas you can improve or optimise.

There is no need to schedule maintenance after the purchase of a Maintenance Pack. We will contact you and make arrangements.

Regular maintenance ensures your website reduces vulnerabilities and improves functionality and security. Keeping up with changes, improvements, and bug fixes also reduces downtime and allows for more quality running time.