How SEO can help you business?

Want to improve your organic traffic to your website? Then SEO is your answer. SEO can help your business rank better and get long-term organic quality traffic to your website. Want to know more than keep reading and find out what is SEO Maintenance.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. As much as SEO is about search engines, it is about people. It is about what you can provide instead of how many articles you have on your website. The key is knowing what information your reader and potential customers want. Good SEO gives your business the ability to provide quality answers to the reader. Which in turn generates more organic traffic. In a nutshell, how do you solve their problem? So how can we solve your problem? With SEO services like content creation and SEO Maintenance.

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What is SEO Maintenance?

SEO Maintenance works on the content that you already have on your website. It improves the quality of your content to improve the number of website visitors. Having more content is not the same as having quality content. Sometimes less is more. However, there are SEO rules that your content must follow, and failing to do so negatively affects your business’s online standing. So what can we do for your business? 

We can offer three easy SEO Maintenance Packages. Namely SEO Basic, SEO Intermediate, and SEO Advanced. These packages cover the basic needs of an SEO-friendly article. 

SEO Basic

SEO report
On-Page SEO
Back-end SEO

SEO Intermediate

SEO report
On-Page SEO
Back-end SEO
Image Optimisation

SEO Advanced

SEO report
On-Page SEO
Back-end SEO
Image Optimisation
Content Editing
Edited URL redirect

We designed our SEO packages to make sure your business capitalises on past content and improves your organic traffic long-term. These services get performed on Five articles monthly. The price ranges from R1500 to R3000 per month. Click here to buy one of our SEO Maintenance Packages.


SEO report – include SEO work done
On-Page SEO – checking and correct the SEO rules that need to be adhered to
Back-end SEO – making sure your article appear on brand in search engine results
Image Optimisation – this helps reduce load time and aid the visually impaired
Content Editing – updating facts to the latest information and assist the article to stay on brand
Edited URL redirect – simplifying the URL and redirecting the old URL to eliminate traffic lost

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Who can benefit from SEO Maintenance?

SEO Maintenance is for any business or brand that wants to improve its organic traffic. All industries can benefit from good SEO. The reason for this is that organic traffic is the gift that keeps giving. It requires significantly less capital than PPC to drive traffic. Unlike PPC, when you stop spending money on SEO, it will continue sending traffic to your website. Remember, SEO is about what value your business can provide to the consumer.

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